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hi everyone!!!

I can not tell everyone how much i miss the dorm room life and all of my friends! I am so sick of camp that i just want to pick up and leave this place. The only thing keeping me here is the fact that i only have three more weeks of camp. Everyday here seems like a whole week of college. I need to hang out with people my own age. I do like working with children but i am getting burnt out. I enjoy some things here at camp like boating and swimming in the lake with the kids but mostly i just want to go back to Douglass Hall. I hope everyone is having a great summer and i look forward to seeing you all at the end of summer!! =)
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Woohoo! What camp are you working at? I crossed the country to Camp Chatuga in SC... weird. I'm glad everyone is burnt out and not just me. :)

Anyhoo, random posting.
I am working at Camp Cleawox in Florence, Oregon. It is a girl scout camp, but so far i am not at all impressed with it. I do not think i will ever come back to camp again. So do you like your camp?
Camp is great! Well, for the most part at least. It has a few problems, but overall, the people are fun, the kids aren't too insane, and we all get along. Then again, we had a counselor quit in the middle of the night last night, and we only have three days left, so I may not be the greatest person to ask! This is year 6 for me, so I'm used to it all now. I'm so tired and ready to come home, but it's been a good season. And as long as they don't ask me to be the Outdoor Director again, I'll probably come back. :)

Cleawox? I haven't heard of it. Although the only camp in Florence I DO know of is Baker.
Yeah cleawox is sort of hiden from all people that are not in girl scouts. It is right across the lake from Honeymon Park in Florence. It is very beautiful, but cold. I like it here most of the time except when i get stressed out. I am looking foward to the end of camp. I am leaving August 28 to come back to Eugene.