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What: BRUCE CAMPBELL, that's what!
When: This Thursday, 7:30pm
Whar: Powell's Books, in Portland

I know some folks in Beaverton who are hoping to come out for it, and I think it'd kick ass if we also got some people together to go up and see Mr. Campbell. He kicks ass. :D

Here's the catch: I have been duly warned that we should GO EARLY. That could be problematic for those of you who have work/class/whatever during the day.

Now, *I* can bail out on work, which means that I can go to class, and still arrive in Portland as early as noon. I and anyone else who goes early could theoretically hold a place in line for a second group that would drive up later, after classes and work have ended.

Anyhoo, the bottom line is: it'll kick ass, and I don't wanna stand in line alone! ^_- I dunno if he's autographing or what, but I'm told that Bruce spends a little time with everybody that gets through the line, so we'd at least get to chat with the guy, which would be pretty darn cool already.

So yeah, if there is interest in this expedition, leave a comment HERE! :D
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